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The Value Proposition


 “… The fundamental mission of a business (is) not profit, but value creation. It sees profit as a vital consequence of value creation – a means rather than an end, a result as opposed to a purpose.” Frederick F. Reichheld, ….»

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Universal Placebos


A side project, and a source of considerable joy – Universal Placebos. The idea came originally from a class I was teaching at QUT. The discussion was on branding, and moved our thinking to the value of untraded intangibles. Pet ….»

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Hard Wired for Stories


We are social animals We are hard wired for stories We use stories to sing the world: Body as Land, Land as Story  Discourses arrive after the singing, as both agents and actors We make category errors all the time, ….»

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Physician, heal thyself


 A working hypothesis: every coach needs a coach. Like every shrink needs a shrink. Something about keeping yourself honest, setting up a sounding board for reflection on the practice, shrugging off the Mantle of the Expert (something I learned from ….»

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