Coaches as Uncles and Aunts



Putting together a coaching bureau is an interesting challenge. I’ve been working on this for some months, gathering together half a dozen friends and colleagues with coaching experience in a group I hope will make a very wide range of expertise available to my customers, Edgies, entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of their business. It’s a challenge because not only should these people implicitly and explicitly understand and accept Edgeware’s DNA – Make money, have fun, change the world – but each should demonstrate a skill set which has ‘stand-alone’ value and also particular strengths in one area or another, hence the value of a bureau, a menu of talent and experience from which Edgeware’s customers might benefit.  

And there are subtler intangibles. Edgeware tends to generate a tribality among its customers, I guess because of the camaraderie inspired through its emphasis on the personal journey and social responsibility, the simultaneous looking inwards and outwards, and this familial orientation in turn seems to inspire a need for elders and eldering.

In some Indigenous Australian cultures, pubescent children are raised not by their direct parents but by uncles and aunts. These elders have the same regard for the children as the parents, the same responsibilities, the same drive to protect, guide, nurture and correct, but they’re not Mum and Dad. And so, for Edgeware’s coaches, we seek not only capable and complementary skill sets but also capacity for unclehood and aunthood.

I wonder: who would you choose, if you could, as your uncle or aunt?


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