Cutting diamonds



In The Diamond Cutter, Michael Roche proposes a simple and very powerful way of dealing with your shortcomings or challenges: find someone with a similar challenge and help them with it, that is, with no immediate thought for your own benefit. Roche’s proposition is that doing so will open doorways, admit possibilities that you alone may never have seen.

It’s a telling, simple message, and one I find myself practising in my own business, and advising others to try in theirs.

Roche says business about three things, and they resonate with the Edgeware slogan ‘Make money, have fun, change the world’.

The first principle is that business should be successful: that it should makey money.

The second principle is that we should enjoy the money; that is, we shuld learn how to keep our minds and bodies in good health while we make the money.

The third principle is that you should be able to look back at your business, at the end, and honestly say that your years of doing business have had some meaning.

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