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Edgeware’s Build Your Business program is an alternative to business education for new entrepreneurs, and for entrepreneurs who want to re-imagine or grow their businesses. Each time it runs, it changes, because the needs of participants and the dynamics of the group make changes necessary. Edgeware aims to provide more than just a course, because there is no single pathway to success in business. Each participant comes to Edgeware with a different mix of expectations, ideals, capabilities and needs.

So Edgeware aims to provide practical skills and competencies, but also the kinds of experiences more normally associated with a business incubator and a network.

Edgeware is also mindful of the way the world is, and the changes we need to make if we want to live in a more just, humane and equitable society. It encourages a sense of justice, social responsibility, a fair go, and a sense of humour. As the slogan has it, ‘Make money, have fun, change the world.’

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