360 Degrees


I’ve noticed that I’ll often use optical illusions or some kind of perceptual trick in my presentations, to indicate not only how easy it is to trick the eye or the brain, but that the way see the world is the way the world becomes. It’s like everything that’s going on around us can be imagined as 360° – a whole world of perception, conception, experience, emotion, input, colour and … everything. And it’s not stretching the idea too far to propose that we’re only ever aware of a slice of this. Let’s say we can define that slice by an angle – say, the one that connects A with B this way:

Now let’s imagine we can increase this angle. However we imagine this happening (perhaps by learning something, having an eye-opening experience, challenging ourselves to step outside the conventional), a relatively small increment back in the centre, at the ‘me’ point, can incrementally increase the degree of consciousness of the ‘not me’, the ‘out there’, of which we previously were unaware, like this:

What’s the value in this analogy? I think there are several, but the most obvious is the proposition that to make a relatively small investment in expanding and extending our capacity to see the world differently, just a little, can reap incrementally beneficial returns,in terms of enhanced creativity and capability.

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