I can think of four things to say about generosity.

It’s a quality of behaviour which requires very little in the way of resources but which has enormous power to influence and change things, beginning with yourself.

Firstly, generosity is an accessible behaviour. A generous act can be as small and simple as giving someone ten dedicated, alert minutes of your individied attention. The generosity of a thought or an act is not scaleable; its source is the intention to give.

Secondly, in order to think and act with generosity you have to imagine yourself out of your Self and, just for a minute, think of what it would be like to be the other person. Your gift, or your act of generosity, is only meaningful if it has meaning for the other. Your generosity creates benefit for him or her.

Thirdly, by giving something (even a few minutes of attention), you also create benefit for yourself. A mindfulness of your potential for generosity and your application of it helps develop a habit of selflessness, and a state of mind and being less cluttered by everyday anxieties and preoccupations. Finally, generosity creates the possibility of gratitude. Saying (or feeling) ‘thank you’ lifts the spirits and builds confidence. It encourages and rewards mindfulness. We take so much for granted; an act of generosity affirms our capacity for empathy, mutuality and kindness.

Generosity is a mindset which generates a sense of personal wellbeing but can also can be understood as a useful business practice. It need cost very little, it builds good will, trust and confidence, it generates customer value and it enhances your brand.

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