Hard Wired for Stories


We are social animals

We are hard wired for stories

We use stories to sing the world: Body as Land, Land as Story 

Discourses arrive after the singing, as both agents and actors

We make category errors all the time, not the least in distinguishing the singing from the sung.

Cultures are self organising systems, ways of being in the world 

Cultures produce artefacts and creative technologies which are perceived to have social-political and economic value. Nothing has intrinsic value.

We are simultaneously cultural producers and consumers, the authors and readers of our own lives

We concentrate the outcomes and behaviours of cultural production and consumption in market places located at cross-roads.

It doesn’t make sense any more to imagine bringing culture to the market place or the market place to culture, or to try to construct their artefacts and discourses as having value in and of themselves; they’re all functions of the same animus. The (first) world is becoming a Big Here.

Where they are most closely enmeshed now is in the market place. Regardless of our system of categorisation – ‘creative practice, research and commercialisation’ or ‘culture, discourse and market place’ – a productive place to locate ourselves these days would seem to be at the cross roads, with the store keepers.

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