Never take NO



Never take “no” from someone who does not also have the power to say “yes”. – Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m inspired by this, and I often focus the topic of efficacy: ie, our understanding of our capacity to Get Stuff Done. One of the ways we can build a positive sense of personal efficacy is to remove ourselves from the company of nay-sayers (which is another way of saying: surround ourselves with yea-sayers).

If I pitch an idea to someone who has the capacity to help make the idea actually happen, and that person says ‘no’, I should pay attention because that person will have considered it more carefulyl than if it was ‘just an idea’. If I put the idea to a person who can’t actually help me, even if they wanted to, and that person say ‘no’, then it’ s a different kind of ‘no’. It’s an opinion. It’s not something I should be taking as seriously as the ‘no’ coming from the person who has an option to say ‘yes’.

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