Physician, heal thyself


 A working hypothesis: every coach needs a coach. Like every shrink needs a shrink. Something about keeping yourself honest, setting up a sounding board for reflection on the practice, shrugging off the Mantle of the Expert (something I learned from the legendary Dorothy Heathcote a hundred years ago, back in the Drama Days) to look at oneself in the role.

My coach – a dear (critical) friend and colleague, Ron Adie, founder of Responsive Management Australia, a long established expert in professional development and coaching who I first met when we were working with disadvantaged young people in the field of community cultural developoment at CONTACT. Ron offered us his services pro bono because he believed in what we were doing, and the relationship has gone from strength to strength. We meet regularly these days, and Ron’s insight and feedback has given me (and continues to give me) a framework for reflection and a growing suite of perspectives, approaches, angles, tools, which I try then to adapt to my style and bring into my own practice.

So. Physician, heal thyself. Teacher, enrol yourself from time to time as a student, so that your student can be a teacher in turn.

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