Rope sight



In the 16th Century, due to radically improved bell technology, the English developed church bell-ringing into a fabulously complex art form. ‘Ringing the hours’ is a method for ringing a set of bells in various combinations (many with evocative olde worlde titles) that can only be described as ‘mathematical’. That said, bell-ringing was (and is) an inspiration for a peculiar connoisseurship

‘Rope sight’ is a term from bell-ringing which describes the fact that, while bell-ringers must focus closely on their own role, they must be immediately aware of their neighbours, in order to subtly and constantly adjust the synchronisation of the time. Over time, with practise, this becomes intuitive, and the group can work in concert.

Not a bad metaphor for entrepreneurship, I think – to keep focus and rhythm, but be ready to make small but critical changes, through the growth of a capacity to ‘see out of the corner’ of a situation without necessarily being able to face it head-on.

And then … commit – you can’t half-ring a bell.

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